Rules of stay in the Russian Federation

Dear foreign students, during your stay in the territory of the Russian Federation you must have the following documents:

  • valid passport with visa (except for visa-free countries)
  • migration card (except for citizens of the Republic of Belarus)
  • migration registration form
  • insurance policy
  • dactyloscopy document

You can learn about each of the items below. Read more closely!​

Migration registration and extension of the period of stay​
On the next working day after crossing the border of the Russian Federation, the international student must submit the following documents to the International Office:

  • passport
  • insurance policy
  • migration card

To extend the period of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation and obtain a new multiple-entry visa (if necessary), a foreign student must submit the following documents to the International Department no later than 40 days before the expiration date of the existing visa:

  • passport (for visa countries - validity period of which, at the time of submission to the International Department, is more than 18 months; presence of at least two blank pages intended for visas)
  • original of the tear-off part of the form of notification of arrival of a foreign citizen in the place of stay with a mark on migration registration
  • original migration card.

A foreign citizen/stateless person from a country with a visa regime of stay who has not submitted the documents to the International Department of the University in time to apply for a new visa, must leave the territory of Russia within the validity period of their existing visa and return to study on a new invitation.

Based on the migration legislation of the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen can only be registered at the address of actual residence.
In order to live in a dormitory it is necessary to write an application and execute a contract of rent of living quarters.

If a foreign student refuses to be provided with a place in a dormitory with subsequent migration registration, he/she should make a written refusal by applying to the International Department. In this case, the foreign citizen independently enters the migration registration at the address of actual residence within the terms established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. On the next working day after registration, the foreign student submits a copy of the tear-off part of the notice of arrival (registration) to the International Department.

When a foreign citizen goes to the hospital, the migration registration (registration) is canceled, as the hospital registers the foreign citizen admitted to them. When discharged from the hospital, a foreign student must within 7 working days to get on the migration registration at the place of residence. If the student lives in the University dormitory, the next working day it is necessary to submit to the International Department the documents for a new migration registration.

The student is obliged to leave the territory of the Russian Federation at the end of the visa validity period (for visa countries), registration period (for visa-free countries), if there are no grounds for visa and registration extension.

Migration card​
All students enrolled in FULL-TIME STUDIES must indicate the purpose of entry "STUDY" in their migration card.

Foreign students who arrived in the Russian Federation on 29.12.2021 and after within 90 calendar days from the date of entry to the Russian Federation must undergo state fingerprint registration, photographing and medical examination in accordance with the Federal Law of 25.07.2002 № 115-FL "On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation".

To undergo mandatory state dactyloscopic registration, photographing and medical examination, foreign students can personally apply to the following address: St. Petersburg, 10-12 Krasnogo Tekstilshchikova St., Lit. B (entrance No. 2 from the courtyard) and provide an identity document.

According to the results, a foreign citizen receives a document confirming the passing of dactyloscopic registration and photographing, and a certificate of acceptance of medical documents.

Required for passage:

  • translated passport
  • migration card
  • valid migration registration
  • student card

The service is paid (about 6000 rubles, please check on site for details) and takes place in two stages, with about 5 working days between visits.

Address: St. Petersburg, Krasny Tekstilshchik St., 10-12, Lit. B (entrance No. 2 from the courtyard)

These requirements do not apply to foreign citizens who are citizens of the Republic of Belarus!

Clarifications can be found on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

All foreign citizens staying on the territory of the Russian Federation must have a valid medical insurance (insurance program must include emergency hospitalization, repatriation). The student can independently choose an insurance company and issue a policy for a foreign student. A copy of the insurance policy should be sent to the International Office:​ 
We remind you that the absence of a policy constitutes an administrative offense!